Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: Cienega-Two thumbs Down

Cienega Restaurant in New Rochelle, NY -Two thumbs Down.
I went here for my birthday dinner and received the worst service. The organizer took my reservation wrong (for the wrong amount of people and at the wrong time) and then I had to deal with a really bad attitude from who I am assuming was another hostess when they called to confirm. When we got to the restaurant the hostess didn't greet us and didn't even bother to introduce herself to me (I was the one throwing the dinner for 16 people). We were seated even though they didn't have enough tables for my party, so two of my guests had to stand for about 15 minutes until another one of my guests just took a table that had been recently unoccupied. Not once did anyone come over to apologize for the inconvenience or make any effort to help. The waiter began taking orders, again, no introduction. The food arrived fairly quickly, but was overly salty and the meat portions were too large compared to the small side servings. My dessert order was taken (no one else's was) and brought out, so as I sat eating my dessert everyone else was waiting for their order to be taken. Akward, bad service. I would not return to this restaurant.

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