Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Glam Bag: February Bag Review

Not overly impressed by my first glam bag. I signed up with, which is a service that charges you $10 a month and in return you receive a monthly bag filled with samples of make up products. This was my first month receiving the bag and to be honest I am not overly impressed. The bag included a very small sample of the Primer Mask (3 stars, definitely left my skin feeling rejuvenated but is really expensive), a Freeman GOJI Mask (2 stars, didnt have a significant impact on my skin and I would not purchase this), a tube of X Out shine control (I never used it as I don't have oily skin, I would not buy this), a tube of NYX Roll on Shimmer (4 stars, love this! it's got a lot of glitter so I wouldn't wear it for day time but it's fun for a night out on the town) and a $100 gift certificate to NU.ME (I am still on the fence about this, initially I was excited about it, but it still will require me to spend a significant amount of money out of my own pocket...which i will likely do anyway :) ). Anyway, here is my quick take on my 1st glam bag. I will likely keep my subscription for another two months, then cancel if the bags don't improve (I really hope they do because I love the concept of this, but 1-2 really useful products out of 5 is not a good start to their track record).... I will keep you updated!

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